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SpeedUp Pctool 3.4


     Category: Utilities / Registry

Description of
SpeedUp Pctool
Speed Up PcTool is on of the best Pc Speed Up and Registry Repair Tool. Program Safely cleans, repair and Optimizes PC. It plays a vital role in cleaning and fixing registry errors. Registry conflicts and errors is the main cause of sluggish performance of any computer, constant addition of programs and removal leaves behind some blank keys in the registry, removing them helps to keep the registry in top condition. Speed up Pctool fixes

Registry keys destroyed by virus and spywares, infections are cleaned with anti virus softwares however registry keys are not recovered by antivirus programs. This job of fixing the Registry keys is done by registry cleaner "Speedup Pctool SpeedUp PcTool is developed with the latest technology to ensure safe secure scaning on your PC with restore functionality.

Key Features :

:: Auto Error Cleaner
SpeedUp PcTool is designed to Automatically scan for errors and fixes them. One Scan looks for errors in all locations of your computer and fixes it instantly.

:: Boot Manager and Optimizer
Advanced option of Startup Manager in Speed up Pc Tool allows you to manage your Start Up Items. Its important that you manage your start up list to avoid slow boot up problems. You can un-check the programs from start up list which boots up automatically. Speedup Pc Software definitely reduces boot up time, increases the speed of your PC.

:: Registry Cleaner
Speed Up Pc Tool helps to clean up registry by removing unwanted & blank keys from Registry. Any unwanted changes in Computers registry by a virus or any software conflicts can cause your Computer to crash or slow down.

:: Show Scan Areas and Results
Speed Up PcTool displays all scan results with their locations. In just 1 click the program will run a scan and fix a slow computer

:: Speed Up Pc
Software makes sure that the important Registry Keys & Values are intact and updated. If your computer Is Running Slow then conflict in the registry can be one of the main reasons as registry is the backbone of every computer. Run a Free Scan with the best free registry Cleaner now

:: Remote Tech Support - 24/7
We understand that all problems may not be fixed by software therefore we provide instant remote support services whereby our Microsoft Certified Professionals will Remotely share your PC screen and fix Critical Computer issues.

:: Performance Monitor
Advanced Options in the Speed up Tool allows you to check performance of the system. This performance monitor helps you to know why your computer is running slow and which process is causing pc to crash. This is essential feature to troubleshoot and fix computer problems.

:: Junk File Cleaner
This is the bonus feature of speed up pc tool which makes sure that the PC is free off all junk files. It helps to speed Up Browsing and keeps your PC Optimized and tuned up. Over constant use lot of unwanted files are accumulated using computer resources, these files should be cleaned up weekly to keep your browing speed optimum and Pc Optimized. This is an excellent Pc Clean up utility in the program.

:: Defrag Hard Disk Disk
Defragmenter in Speedup PcTool is great feature to clean up Hard Disk Errors, Organize and Compact Data. You must defrag your pc once a month to avoid Disc Errors and Fix computer problems. Download this excellent Disc cleaner now.

:: Check Disk
Check Disk is an advanced added bonus utility within speed up pc software. This Option helps to repair hard Disk related errors and other drivers which are required when computer Boots Up. Regular Hard Disk Scan increases its life and reduces system crashes.

:: Restore
Speedup Pc Software. It restores all the changes made in the registry.

Operating System : Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2002, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
SpeedUp Pctool
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Author: SpeedUp Pctool
License: Shareware
Price: $20
File Size: 1.8 MB
Downloads: 52

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